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Age Brings Home Renovations

Image courtesy of Alan L. via Flikr.There are a lot of people that are now considering how their homes will be livable in their old age.  For example, if you have a two-story home and you sleep in an upstairs bedroom, will you always be able to get there?  There are a lot of elderly people that can’t.  Even showering or bathing can be a risk to them, considering the crawl into a bathtub or shower.  There are times that a renovation is necessary in order to accommodate you when your physical abilities decline.  But what renovations do you actually need?  How will you pay for them?


Summer is for Kids

Image courtesy of John Lustig via Flikr.

“My brothers let me run through the sprinklers!”

Some parents dread the time that the kids are out of school.  “I’m bored.”  “There’s nothing to do.”  “It’s too hot to do anything.”  You can make those comments go away with a few good activities to keep them entertained while keeping them cool as well.  They can also learn some good lessons that will help them later in life, if you teach them the right way.  Kids tend to have a short attention span, but if the activity is fun for them it holds their attention longer. (more…)

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This recipe comes from a friend of mine, Darcy.  Thanks Darc!!  It looks really delicious!  I haven’t tried this yet, but you can bet that I will!  It’s sure to be a pleaser for summer parties and to keep kids cool on the inside. (more…)

The Pickle

Image courtesy of Raphael Amado via Flikr.If you know the game of baseball at all, you know about “the pickle.”  That’s when a runner is caught between the base they came from and the base they want to get to.  Unfortunately, their competition has the ball to throw back and forth in order to take you out of the game.  The outcome is that either you can “slide in” to the base you want to get to or “slide in” to the base you were at.  Somewhere in the middle is usually when you are taken out of the game.  You get tagged by the ball from one player or the other that takes away your chances to advance in the game. (more…)

Cats and Dogs

Image courtesy of Norman Anack via Flikr.I’m quite sure there are a lot of pet owners in the readers that follow this blog.  Some are “dog people” and some are “cat people.”  Others have a mix of both of them.  That’s when the scenario gets a bit comical. (more…)

Baked Potato Rounds

This is a recipe that is pretty easy to make and the baked potato rounds can be served hot or cold.  They make a great hors d’oeuvre for a barbeque, party or to be served as part of your meal.  There are a couple of substitutions and additions you can make to adjust the recipe to own tastes. (more…)

Crescent Rolls for a Good Meal

Did you know that the crescent rolls that you buy in the store can be used as a foundation for some great hors devours for a party or even a meal for your family?  It’s true.  Sometimes it’s a quick fix for the party or a fast way to feed the family.  The recipes are rather simple, depending on what you add to them. (more…)