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Home Remodeling a Growing Trend?

Image courtesy of InternetBullet via Flikr.There are a lot of people that are deciding to stay put in the homes that they currently have instead of opting to move to a new home.  The costs of the remodeling are quite often less than the cost of closing on a newer home or building a new one.  A lot of people have older homes that simply need some updates or repairs in order to suit their needs. (more…)


Labor Day for Kids

Image courtesy of Mike Baird via Flikr.It’s true that Labor Day is meant as a holiday to honor the hard-working Americans that keep this country strong.  They are the ones that built this country and sustain it.  But it’s also a fact that a lot of those hard-working people have children to entertain during their Labor Day celebrations. (more…)

A Time to Believe

Image courtesy of Stephen Bowler via Flikr.There are times when you see something that you simply cannot wrap your thoughts around.  You cannot believe it is the message that you are seeing or hearing.  Those times can raise doubt in the human mind.  Is this something important or is it just rhetoric to sway an opinion? (more…)

Mint Tea Punch

Image courtesy of isn’t a barbeque that is complete without a good beverage.  This recipe provides some great cooling refreshment for your summer celebrations and parties.  It is a beverage that you can do ahead of time or make rather quickly if you run out before you want to.  (I give many thanks to MCBartko via for this great recipe!) (more…)

Bellyful of Barbequed Bananas

Image courtesy of Allrecipes.comHere is a dessert recipe that can be done quickly for grilling, making your party time even more pleasurable than just the meal itself.  Both adults and children love the flavor it provides and there is portion of the recipe that you can do ahead of time.  The recipe is simple and really hits the spot for that sweet-tooth that comes after a great meal.  Enjoy!  (This recipe is courtesy of Charlie on (more…)

Marinated Barbequed Vegetables

Image courtesy of Allrecipes.comThis is another “do-ahead” recipe for grilling that can be done the day of your barbeque.  This delicious recipe can be served hot off the grill, at room temperature or cold with some crispy bread.  No matter which way you decide to serve it, you and your guests will love the flavor and the mixture of vegetables.  (This recipe is courtesy of Stackhawley on (more…)

Ray’s Chicken Grilling Recipe

Image courtesy of is a “do-ahead” recipe for your grill that is not only simple, but cooks in a short time.  It gives the chicken a great flavor and keeps it tender on the grill.  (Thanks to for sharing the recipe!)  This recipe makes six servings: (more…)