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The Curse Within

This post is dedicated to the many victims of cancer, their families and the survivors that give us the inspiration to find a cure.  Most notably to a survivor that has given me the inspiration to share this story:  Mike L.  Thank  you, Mike.

A physical is just a physical, right?  Nothing to worry about.  You get some blood work done, possibly an EKG for your heart and you might get an x-ray for your chest or even some scope testing for your colon or your stomach.  That’s totally routine.  So you go through all of that unpleasantness and then wait for your doctor to give you your clean bill of health.  You did all that is recommended in taking care of yourself.

After all of the waiting for the test results to get to your doctor, you finally get a phone call.  The problem is that you don’t hear what you expect to hear.  There is a spot that is seen on an x-ray on one of your kidneys.  “We’ll have to do more tests and maybe a biopsy.”  Quite frankly, the biopsy came rather soon after the other tests.  It was cancer.

The first thought is shock.  “What???  That can’t be!”  The second is “Get it out of me.”  Sometimes that takes some planning.  Treatment for cancer isn’t like it used to be.  You don’t have to have things cut out of you anymore.  The third thought used to be “What if I die from this?”  But that thought is not one that comes third anymore.  The third thought is now “What are we going to do to beat this?”

There is plan for each type of cancer.  Some involve surgical removal of the tissue while others involve chemical treatment, radiation or laser treatment.  You have to realize that different types of cancer have to be treated in different ways.  It used to be that all of them were treated the same way.  “Cut it out.”  Now there are survivors of that “curse within” that have never had to go through the mutilation of surgery.  They are cancer free.  It’s said that if you have had cancer once before that it will come back to haunt you again.  But in the current medical world, that might not be true any longer.

It is not only in the medical science that removes that curse, but in your mind as well.  If you feel you can beat that dreaded disease, you will.  I have seen it.  I know that it is not only the science behind a cure, but in the strength and resilience of the survivors.  I have to say that they give me the strength to face a life that is quite mundane compared to their challenges.  Thanks to all of you for showing us your strength and inspiring us to live each moment to the fullest.


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