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The Curse Within

This post is dedicated to the many victims of cancer, their families and the survivors that give us the inspiration to find a cure.  Most notably to a survivor that has given me the inspiration to share this story:  Mike L.  Thank  you, Mike.

A physical is just a physical, right?  Nothing to worry about.  You get some blood work done, possibly an EKG for your heart and you might get an x-ray for your chest or even some scope testing for your colon or your stomach.  That’s totally routine.  So you go through all of that unpleasantness and then wait for your doctor to give you your clean bill of health.  You did all that is recommended in taking care of yourself. (more…)


My Healthy Addiction

Image courtesy of the site for Ensure nutrition drinks.

Check out the following link for a repost from another site.  There are a lot of elderly people that simply can’t or don’t get the nutrition they need to keep them healthy.

A lot of times, it’s because their appetites just aren’t what they used to be or that they eat the same foods all the time and get tired of eating them.  It can also be due to an illness.  If you are one of those people or know someone that is, you will want to check out this site and the other link provided for recipes. (more…)