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Thanksgiving Goodies for Everyone!

I “borrowed” this one from a great web site that a friend of mine found for me.  (Thank you, Wendy!  But I found this web site to be more than just this great idea for the holiday.  I think you should dig a bit deeper than this great holiday recipe:



The Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!

(This recipe came from my sister-in-law Dawn Manyen.  Thank You!!  The variations and tips  are my own, but the picture is Dawn’s.)

Hey, people!  Let’s get real.  There isn’t anyone that wouldn’t do a simple recipe that is quick and easy, especially if it gives you that touch of “homemade” that has been missing in your kitchen.  You can even get the kids to help with this one.  That’s how easy it really is!  If you only have three ingredients, there couldn’t be much to go wrong with the kids involved.  So here is your 1-2-3 recipe: (more…)

The Pony Ride

Thank you, Mike L, for your inspiration!

Image courtesy of Randy Wick via Flikr.

Image courtesy of Randy Wick via Flikr.

There are times in life when a merry-go-round sounds so simple.  You can jump on a horse or other character that goes around in a circle until the vendor says it’s time to quit.  It goes up and down and you hear the carnival music that goes with it.  It’s fun.  It’s tame.  It’s safe.  But for some of us, it isn’t that simple, but rather the memories that we have of the real animals that are depicted on that ride. (more…)

The Challenge of Special Needs Children

Image courtesy of the U.S. Army via Flikr.It is estimated that there are five million children under the age of five that are at risk for such conditions as autism, physical disability or slow physical and mental growth.  These conditions are considered “special needs.”  The problem is that there are only 20% of them that get the early intervention and care that they need.  Why?  It’s because of the financial strains that are placed on many families due to economic woes.  Job loss, work cut-backs and a lack of medical insurance hampers the care that the families need and want to give. (more…)

Homemade Finger Paints

Image courtesy of Bethany Nowviskie via Flikr.It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – foul weather does prevent children from going outdoors to play.  But there are a lot of activities that can keep them busy and entertained indoors when Mother Nature works her magic.  You can work some magic of your own that is cost effective and easy to do.

Kids like to paint and quite often it’s with their fingers instead of a brush.  But finger paint from a market can be expensive and there are times when you can’t drop what you are doing to run out to buy them.  So here is the solution to that problem:  Make your own finger paint! (more…)

Independence Day Games for Kids

Image courtesy of Modern Mom.There are a lot of ways to keep children entertained during your Independence Day celebration. There are many different outdoor games that children can play while the adults enjoy their antics and the spectacle of watching children in competition. The kids learn social skills as well as getting some exercise and having some fun in the bargain. (more…)

Hide and Seek the Safe Way

Image courtesy of Shawn Rossi via Flikr.With the warm summer months just getting started, a lot of kids like to chase fireflies and play Hide and Seek in the evening hours.  But sometimes parents find it difficult to keep track of those children as the sun sets.  That doesn’t mean you have to corral the kids and take them inside.  There are ways to keep the game safe while still keeping tabs on those young ones. (more…)