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Tater Tot Casserole

Let’s face it:  a good meal in a hurry is a good thing, especially if it can cook while you’re spending some time with the family.  Then you can feed your hungry bunch with something better than fast food or delivery.  Not only do you save on the family budget, but you get that “comfort” food that you really want.  This is great recipe for one of those times. (more…)


Sauce it Up!

Image courtesy of Luke Jones via Flikr.Homemade barbeque sauce is a matter of preference for some people.  Most of us just go out to our local grocery store and buy what others make for us.  But there are some barbeque gourmets that spend a lot of time perfecting their own sauce.  (more…)

Potato and Herb Bake

Potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes.  They are usually rather inexpensive and filling and can be made so many different ways.  This recipe is a way to change things up a bit and adds some great flavor to this popular staple. (more…)

Frozen Butterfinger Pie

Summer isn’t over yet, my friends!  There is still a lot of grilling parties, family or class reunions, and other great events where you can show off some of your culinary skills.  This recipe is one that you can do the day before the event.  Believe me, it will be much in demand no matter where you take it.  (Thank you to my friend Darcy for sending it to me!) (more…)

Baked Potato Rounds

This is a recipe that is pretty easy to make and the baked potato rounds can be served hot or cold.  They make a great hors d’oeuvre for a barbeque, party or to be served as part of your meal.  There are a couple of substitutions and additions you can make to adjust the recipe to own tastes. (more…)

Crescent Rolls for a Good Meal

Did you know that the crescent rolls that you buy in the store can be used as a foundation for some great hors devours for a party or even a meal for your family?  It’s true.  Sometimes it’s a quick fix for the party or a fast way to feed the family.  The recipes are rather simple, depending on what you add to them. (more…)

Grilled Chicken Recipes

There are so many ways to make grilled or baked chicken that’s it is difficult to keep up. But I have some ideas that you can do ahead just a bit in order to serve the perfect chicken. It depends on your preference in tastes, but there are times when you can marinate that chicken to make it juicier and more flavorable. (more…)