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Tater Tot Casserole

Let’s face it:  a good meal in a hurry is a good thing, especially if it can cook while you’re spending some time with the family.  Then you can feed your hungry bunch with something better than fast food or delivery.  Not only do you save on the family budget, but you get that “comfort” food that you really want.  This is great recipe for one of those times. (more…)


The Life of a Nomad

Image courtesy of Beatrice Murtch via Flikr.I recently watched a television show about “Gypsies” and the nomadic life that they have.  Quite frankly, the excitement of going from place to place and seeing so many different things seemed to be a great way to live.  But then I had to wonder how they make a living.  I guess that’s the down-side of that type of life. (more…)

Home Remodeling a Growing Trend?

Image courtesy of InternetBullet via Flikr.There are a lot of people that are deciding to stay put in the homes that they currently have instead of opting to move to a new home.  The costs of the remodeling are quite often less than the cost of closing on a newer home or building a new one.  A lot of people have older homes that simply need some updates or repairs in order to suit their needs. (more…)

Old Debt Can Be a Problem

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver via Flikr.There are times when you might get a call or a letter from credit collection companies for old debts that were either charged off in a bankruptcy or that you couldn’t pay years ago. But did you know that sometimes you don’t have to pay those? Probably not. There are collection companies that “buy out” old collection accounts for pennies on the dollar and then they contact you and everyone that is connected with you in order to collect that old account to make a profit. Even if they get a dollar from you, they can profit from it. (more…)

Debt Levels Cause Financial Woes

Image courtesy of Dirk Vorderstrasse via Flikr.When you look at the financial crisis all over the world, you know that it doesn’t affect only the finances of a country, but the personal finances of many families.  There are many people that are now depending on their credit cards to get them through a month or even a week until a next paycheck or unemployment benefit check arrives.  Then they pay the minimum payment due on the credit card, since they don’t have anything more to pay. (more…)

Chaos or Cash – Your Inheritance

Image courtesy of Stephan Ridgway via Flikr.The death of a loved one can be very difficult.  Your brain doesn’t seem to want to function and all you can think about are the past times you had with your loved one.  There are also times when you wish you could have been there more often for them.  The grieving process is a complex one, and it is complicated even more with the final wishes of the deceased. (more…)

Military Savings Tips

Image courtesy of the U.S. Army via Flikr.Our military does a lot to protect our freedoms.  But sometimes, being in active service can produce hardships on a family that most of us don’t realize.  In a lot of cases, military personnel are required to move frequently, usually on short notice.  For some of them, home ownership is out of the question since (more…)