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What It is All About

This is another article dedicated to firefighters everywhere and inspired by my cousin Mike B.  Thank you once again for all that you do. (more…)


Midnighters and Sunsetters

Image courtesy of Jeremy Little via Flikr.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Little via Flikr.

I’m sure there are a lot of people that are wondering what that title means.  Here’s the short of it:  One lives in the dark while the other one lives only in the daylight.  They are both medical conditions that affect people that have worked different shifts throughout their working lives. (more…)

The Curse Within

This post is dedicated to the many victims of cancer, their families and the survivors that give us the inspiration to find a cure.  Most notably to a survivor that has given me the inspiration to share this story:  Mike L.  Thank  you, Mike.

A physical is just a physical, right?  Nothing to worry about.  You get some blood work done, possibly an EKG for your heart and you might get an x-ray for your chest or even some scope testing for your colon or your stomach.  That’s totally routine.  So you go through all of that unpleasantness and then wait for your doctor to give you your clean bill of health.  You did all that is recommended in taking care of yourself. (more…)

A Peek into Your Soul

Image courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg via Flikr.“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” Marsha Norman

There are times that you have to wonder what your soul really says about you.  Does it ever really reveal itself to other people?  I would guess that it doesn’t always come out of the corner it hides in.  Usually, it hides under a blanket that says, “I don’t care,” or one that says “Go away.”  But what are the thoughts that are under that blanket? (more…)

To the Comrades at Arms

This is dedicated to my cousin Mike, who is a firefighter.  Bless your heart, and thank you!

There was a day that I watched as our Twin Towers fell.  During that day, there were many people in public service, like firefighters, police and volunteers that fought their way through the rubble to save their fellow citizens.  Whether you know it or not, some of them gave their lives to do that.  Some of them, with the after-effects, are still suffering.  The families of the fallen are suffering as well.  Time does not always erase all of the scars of something like that. (more…)

Loss is Inevitable

Image courtesy of Sara Biljana via Flikr.Recently, a dear friend of mine lost her mother.  Although loss is inevitable, it does not make it any easier to deal with.  There are seven stages in a grieving process and some people go through them faster than others.  But it isn’t easy for anyone.  If you know someone that simply says, “Oh, well……it happens” maybe you should rethink your choice in the people you let into your life.  Even for someone that you didn’t know all that well, there is still a grieving process when you realize that you will never see them again on this earth. (more…)

The Debate over the New Health Law

Image courtesy of Mark Evans via Flikr.According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of impoverished Americans rose to 15.1% in 2011.  The number in 2010 was 14.6%.  The current poverty level set for 2012 is $23, 050 per year gross income (about $1921 per month) for a family of four ($11,170 for an individual).  That leaves a lot of families living at or under that level unable to afford health care coverage.  The sagging economy and growing unemployment has put a huge burden on those families.  When their income does not pay the bills and buy the groceries, usually the first thing that is dropped is the cost of health insurance. (more…)