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The Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!

(This recipe came from my sister-in-law Dawn Manyen.  Thank You!!  The variations and tips  are my own, but the picture is Dawn’s.)

Hey, people!  Let’s get real.  There isn’t anyone that wouldn’t do a simple recipe that is quick and easy, especially if it gives you that touch of “homemade” that has been missing in your kitchen.  You can even get the kids to help with this one.  That’s how easy it really is!  If you only have three ingredients, there couldn’t be much to go wrong with the kids involved.  So here is your 1-2-3 recipe: (more…)


Labor Day for Kids

Image courtesy of Mike Baird via Flikr.It’s true that Labor Day is meant as a holiday to honor the hard-working Americans that keep this country strong.  They are the ones that built this country and sustain it.  But it’s also a fact that a lot of those hard-working people have children to entertain during their Labor Day celebrations. (more…)

Independence Day Games for Kids

Image courtesy of Modern Mom.There are a lot of ways to keep children entertained during your Independence Day celebration. There are many different outdoor games that children can play while the adults enjoy their antics and the spectacle of watching children in competition. The kids learn social skills as well as getting some exercise and having some fun in the bargain. (more…)


I “borrowed” this recipe as posted to my FaceBook account.  Credit is given at the end.  But it looked interesting for not only Memorial Day, but for for the Fourth of July celebration yet to come.  So here it is: (more…)

A Day of Remembrance

Image courtesy of the U.S. Army via Flikr.Memorial Day is not all about the burgers and hotdogs you put on your grill.  It’s not about camping out or taking a vacation.  And it isn’t about canoe trips, mud bogs and parties.  Memorial Day is about the men and women that gave their lives so you could enjoy those things. (more…)

Memorial Day Barbeque

Image courtesy of Zap the Dingbat via Flikr.Memorial Day is what most people consider to be the start of summer.  So it’s important to kick it off just right.  For people in some climates, it can be difficult to get out there and barbeque, but for others, it can be done even in some chilly temperatures.  But safety is always the first factor. (more…)