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The Pony Ride

Thank you, Mike L, for your inspiration!

Image courtesy of Randy Wick via Flikr.

Image courtesy of Randy Wick via Flikr.

There are times in life when a merry-go-round sounds so simple.  You can jump on a horse or other character that goes around in a circle until the vendor says it’s time to quit.  It goes up and down and you hear the carnival music that goes with it.  It’s fun.  It’s tame.  It’s safe.  But for some of us, it isn’t that simple, but rather the memories that we have of the real animals that are depicted on that ride. (more…)


Loss is Inevitable

Image courtesy of Sara Biljana via Flikr.Recently, a dear friend of mine lost her mother.  Although loss is inevitable, it does not make it any easier to deal with.  There are seven stages in a grieving process and some people go through them faster than others.  But it isn’t easy for anyone.  If you know someone that simply says, “Oh, well……it happens” maybe you should rethink your choice in the people you let into your life.  Even for someone that you didn’t know all that well, there is still a grieving process when you realize that you will never see them again on this earth. (more…)

The Pickle

Image courtesy of Raphael Amado via Flikr.If you know the game of baseball at all, you know about “the pickle.”  That’s when a runner is caught between the base they came from and the base they want to get to.  Unfortunately, their competition has the ball to throw back and forth in order to take you out of the game.  The outcome is that either you can “slide in” to the base you want to get to or “slide in” to the base you were at.  Somewhere in the middle is usually when you are taken out of the game.  You get tagged by the ball from one player or the other that takes away your chances to advance in the game. (more…)

Cats and Dogs

Image courtesy of Norman Anack via Flikr.I’m quite sure there are a lot of pet owners in the readers that follow this blog.  Some are “dog people” and some are “cat people.”  Others have a mix of both of them.  That’s when the scenario gets a bit comical. (more…)

Reading and Writing

Image courtesy of Natalie Maynor via Flikr.I’m sure a lot of parents have lectured their children on the importance of reading and writing. If they haven’t, I feel sorry for you. Reading is the best way to get information and entertainment. Writing is the best way to express yourself. (more…)

One Rose

Image courtesy of Tony Alter via Flikr.Some years ago, I decided to plant some rose hedges. It was not only for their beauty, but for the privacy they provide from people going by on the road. But the soil I have, our weather conditions and the people that help me mow my yard were not conducive to their growth. Out of the eighteen plants I put into the ground, I have one left. That one is still struggling, but it is growing. (more…)

A Future Foretold

Image courtesy of o5com (no real name given) via Flikr.There are times that your future is something that you can control, and other times when it can’t be.  There are always other people in the way of your dreams or obstacles that seem insurmountable.  But are they really? (more…)